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Buy some lights and send the thing to paint and call it a backdate for 10k.

You could also commission a Singer build for closer to 7 figures. It's your car and your money so do what makes you happy.

For an RWB, you're looking at minimum of around k, but you're really paying for a Nakai-San scupted super widebody as opposed to a straightforward backdate.

Backdating of stock options is an example of an agency problem.

You could also spend much less by sourcing used parts.There is nothing you can do to backdate a car that isn't reversible short of totaling it.You could slap some Getty glass bumpers, a longhood with the adaptable lock for the newer chassis, and fill the clip mount in the side skirts.That said, if you want to throw a bunch of money at a car that will only appeal to a handful of people, with a pennies on the dollar ROI, they go ahead. At the end of the day all you really do is make all the other 964's fractionally more valuable.I got mine to drive, with the hope of turning a wrench on it as little as possible.That said, if you don't have much experience with these cars then just get out and drive first. If you do decide to do it, you might want to consider NOT doing a long hood or flares since those items will not really be reversible just in case you or another owner would change their mind in future. As just 13,353 Coupes were produced and, sadly, many have already been lost due to attrition, collisions or accidents.