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Yet, while many scholars must have come across the detailed material in the Madras Presidency District Records, as well as the Presidency Revenue Records (the latter incidentally exist in Madras as well as in London), for some unexplained reasons this material seems to have escaped academic attention. It is not that Britain had no tradition of education, or scholarship, or philosophy during the 16th, 17th, or early 18th centuries. The recent Madras University doctoral thesis pertaining to the various Madras Presidency districts covering this period also does not seem to have made any use of this data, despite the fact that some of it does contain some occasional reference to matters of education. This period produced figures like Francis Bacon, Shakespeare, Milton, Newton, etc. (MAHATMA GANDHI AT CHATHAM HOUSE, LONDON, OCTOBER 20, 1931) .../ have not left off the pursuit of the subject of education in the villages during the pre-British period. Those who have replied do support my view but do not produce authority that would be accepted as proof. My prejudice or presentiment still makes me cling to the statement I made at Chatham House. You don't want me merely to say that the proof I had in mind has been challenged by you! ISBN No.: 81-85569-49-5 (HB) Set ISBN No.: 81-85569-50-9 (PB) Set Printed by Sujit Patwardhan for Other India Press at MUDRA, 383 Narayan, Pune 411 030, India. They scratched the soil and began to look at the root, and left the root like that, and the beautiful tree perished.

I defy anybody to fulfill a programme of compulsory primary education of these masses inside of a century.

This very poor country of mine is ill able to sustain such an expensive method of education. Vulmecasunauda Swamy -do- Vulmecanauda- nellore 3 598.

Our state would revive the old village schoolmaster and dot every village with a school both for boys and girls.

Of course, they do so much less explicitly — and in language more suited to British officers and gentlemen — (Leitner, though a British official, was 'not an Englishman'). Smith: Akbar: The Great Mogul, Clarendon Press, 1917, p.394. London: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1917, pp. Introduction Indian historical knowledge, by and large, has been derived, at least until recent decades, from the writings and accounts left by foreigners.

13 Mahatma Gandhi's long address at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London on 20 October, 1931, stated that literacy had declined in India in the past 50-100 years and held the British responsible for it. This applies equally to our knowledge about the status of Indian education over the past five centuries.