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Extra Turkish Consonants are Ç pronounced CH [church] and Ş pronounced SH [shift, slash].

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It’s our job to be up on the latest streaming technologies.

As such, we are already able to deliver high frame rate 60p and 360° streams and we are ready for 4K.

The retail industry has seen a surge in the collection of customer information, operations data and sales/ marketing data.

This paper by Hari Shetty, Sr Vice President & Head- Retail & Digital Consumer Unit analyzes this data overload and provides ways in which to sift through this clutter.

Although chatting is not a very recent phenomenon, it has gained a lot of strength and popularity in the past few years.

Considering it as the best way to stay in touch and connected with fellow Tamilians, i Tamil decided to come up with a unique chat room that has brought Tamil speaking people located in the different parts of the world closer than ever.

IBC is competent to broadcast the live events clearly, with out any disturbance & interruption and viewers can visualize the live event from any where in the world.

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Live Web casting and Video on Demand can save enormous money, times of many persons, reaches to many persons in a single time , helps to communicate with out any misunderstanding and avoids confusion and rumors. Your friends and relatives need not miss your grand day just because of their travel and work constraints.So rest assured knowing that we will always It’s our job to be up on the latest streaming technologies.So rest assured knowing that we will always utilise the latest technology suitable for your event.Any number of persons can simultaneously view the function via Internet and computer from anywhere and any place in Cities, States and Countries.After the LIVE BROADCAST, even IBC can offer the service of achieving the event so friends, relatives can watch the entire function on Demand ( watching when ever want).Now we power 20 million reliable meetings per month, more than all the knockoffs combined.