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The second visit for me in the Luxy studio was on July 11, 1970. It was always a childhood dream of mine to be a DJ on 208, I never made it, but it's was such an inspiration to me. I've listened to your radio first on the year 1971 while I was living in father adviced your radio. This archive is blowing me away, do you know about it?

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It didn’t take long for Bassler and team to realize that the bacteria inside cholera biofilms must signal each other in order to communicate that it’s time for the colony to stop reproducing and focus instead on leaving the body.“We generically understood that bacteria talk to each other with quorum sensing, but we didn’t know the specific chemical words that cholera uses,” Bassler said.Bonnie Bassler, Hibbins was part of a research effort which shed light on how the bacteria that cause cholera form biofilms and communicate via quorum sensing.“Forming a biofilm is one of the crucial steps in cholera’s progression,” states Bassler.Quorum sensing can occur within a single bacterial species as well as between diverse species, and can regulate a host of different processes, essentially serving as a simple communication network.A variety of different molecules can be used as signals.Bacteria that engage in quorum sensing communicate their presence by emitting chemical messages that their fellow infectious agents are able to recognize.When the messages grow strong enough, the bacteria respond en masse, behaving as a group.

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These bacterial pioneers facilitate the arrival of other pathogens by providing more diverse adhesion sites.They also begin to build the matrix that holds the biofilm together.If there are species that are unable to attach to a surface on their own, they are often able to anchor themselves to the matrix or directly to earlier colonists.In an article titled “Bacterial Biofilms: A Common Cause of Persistent Infections,” JW Costerton at the Center for Biofilm Engineering in Montana defines a bacterial biofilm as “a structured community of bacterial cells enclosed in a self-produced polymeric matrix and adherent to an inert or living surface.” In layman’s terms, that means that bacteria can join together on essentially any surface and start to form a protective matrix around their group.The matrix is made of polymers – substances composed of molecules with repeating structural units that are connected by chemical bonds.Not to mention the fact that most of us can encounter swerving cars or ill-intentioned people at any given moment.