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Classified as a Besson Mandala, one featuring a single deity from the Myō-ō (Myo-o) Family, in this case Aizen Myō-ō 愛染明王. The Kamakura-era version kept at the Nezu 根津 Museum in Tokyo shows Aizen in the center, surrounded by 16 other deities. In the second circle are the Eight Great Bodhisattva, and in the third circle are the Hachidai Myō-ō (Eight Great Mantra Kings).

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As it turned out this bus ride was better than any he had ever been on because he spent the entire time flirting with a beautiful girl named Sandy.

She had short red hair, big tits and a wicked tight body that she didn't have any trouble showing off based on her cropped top and her tight pants.

He can't help how his body developed so he never understood why they picked on him so much.

He would get shoved around all the time and it's wasn't uncommon to get beaten on pretty good by the bullies. When he saw the lights flashing behind him Ron knew he was in trouble.

He was in college and paying for it himself with loans and all the work he could find so he was trying to live as cheaply as possible.

That meant when he wanted to go on vacation that he would have to take the bus.

He seems perfectly normal but there are kinky sexual desires that live inside him.Jim and Charlotte were walking home from a nice lunch at a local restaurant when they spotted a flyer for a costume party that night.It was going to be at a club just a few blocks from their apartment and Charlotte was keen on going... Young Ted had a tremendously arousing and sensual experience just two weeks ago and it's time that you heard about it.He couldn't help but think of all the fun they were having and all the sex the guys that got to go home with them were no doubt having. Then he comes home and he passes out before he can give her the sexual pleasure she needs.His wife is a hottie with a high sex drive and she needs to get fucked often so she doesn't go mad with desire.They ended up sitting next to each other and spent almost the entire ride gabbing about anything and everything... It's Halloween and Jeff is sitting alone in his house.