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My mother is very sweet when you talk to her but she has absolutely no interest in talking about anyone but herself. She acts like a two year old and wants to be the center of attention at all times. No matter how many times I tell her I don't want her shoving her beliefs down my throat, it falls on deaf ears.

I have had many nasty confrontations with her and have asked her to keep her opinions to herself and to please respect my wishes. She is extremely lazy, very over weight thus has many health issues because of it.

Mother came to visit me for a couple of days and when the sister was not answering the phone we both went back to her house.

I think she left the house after my sister had taken an overdose.

It took a lot of therapy to come to this understanding. But I have finally got a handle on her manipulation.

Mother refuses any thought of being placed in a nursing home. I may appear to many on the outside as a raving bitch, but I put my foot down.

The sister left it all to me with an understanding that I would try to help mother -- just mother.

There is no one else who will take care of her, and she has no friends. I have always yearned for a normal relationship with my mother and now especially I want us to enjoy our "last times" together.She did the same to me throughout my childhood; at one point I had a brush with anorexia, because eating seemed to be the only thing in my life I could control.She attempted to control me throughout my entire adult life. I have a cell phone, so she calls me many times a day to find out where I am, who I am with, what we are doing -- and to reprimand me on my behavior.It sounds like your mother has succeeded in getting her needs met while mistreating first you and then your step-dad.To the extent the two of you have sanctioned her behavior by ignoring the mistreatment and doing her bidding, she has had no motivation to change.For example, you do not need to answer the phone when she calls.