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I've had multiple Garmin units and i'm lucky if I see a map update more then 1x a year, normally the updates you get are bug fixes and additional POI's and not in fact new [email protected] Its the same issue with Audi or it was until i traded my S5 for a Model S in January.The Google map data is up-to-date because it isn't being cached in the car.Tesla should be able to modify their software to download only the portion of the map database that is being used - and by drastically reducing the amount of data being downloaded in each update, they should be able to shift to a more frequent update cycle - even getting the cycle down to monthly would be a huge improvement, though it's possible they could be clever enough to do more frequent checks - and download the nearby updated map database fragments whenever the onboard software detected there was new data available.No, Wifi is not required just as it is not required for OTA updates. When I leave the office, I will see if there is a date at the bottom of the center screen. Give your service center a call and see what they say.So you are talking about the routing overlay, which is Garmin BTW, not the actual maps. I have had my car for 3 years and to this day, there are still some errors with the routing.

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When 8.1 is released, it will go out per Tesla's schedule to as many cars as they decide to send it to. My car just recently received 8.0 (17.6.15) and was on 8.0 (2.52.22) before that.With Internet access, this model doesn't make sense - and with the shift to using the navigation software coupled with EAP & FSD, Tesla needs to do something to fix the out-of-date navigation map data - and likely needs to do it very [email protected] I'm fairly certain the1x per year update is not a Tesla limitation, but a Garmin one.I too wish they let you do a partial map update for your area. I select the 3-4 state region where i am, and it downloads in the background. With Tesla vehicles, the updates are done over the Internet, without any physical media - so there isn't the additional complexity of manufacturing a lot of CDs/DVDs to distribute to service centers or customers.Tesla could request map updates more often from Garmin (though that likely would increase their contract cost).A major reason for not distributing frequent updates to the Navigon/Garmin navigation map database is because the download is very large - the entire map database is downloaded and installed approximately once per year (though I can't recall seeing any updates since Q4 2015).