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12 in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead and 19 injured. Still, plenty of people are freaked out by the whole enterprise.

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No race is more egomaniacal than the New Yorker, the only group of people who would have the gall to call a film Somewhere in the City and have people assume they could only be talking about New York.It's otherdwelling types that get the last laugh, because this film is one boring dog from start to finish, a self-centered tale about a random assortment of self-absorbed New Yawkers, headlined by the most self-absorbed of them all -- Sandra Bernhard -- and redeemed only by a surprise appearance by one honorable former mayor.The actors, chiefly Macy and Stiles, struggle to keep the story afloat and exciting, but it's a losing battle.Reliable character actors like Bai Ling and Dylan Walsh (so good in Nip/Tuck) are given scant screen time to show their prowess, but Bokeem Woodbine works wonders as Edmond's bunkmate when he enters prison.Gordon directs with a simple enough structuralism and he gives impressive terror to the climactic scene where Edmond goes over the edge.However, this simplicity also leads to a considerable loss in mood and atmosphere, which seems devoid after the excellent opening scene in the fortune teller's room.

It's a fussy little movie that wants to be much more controversial and important than it is. This strange WWII allegory is unfortunately neither very successful as a political drama nor as a monster movie; the flashbacks are too obvious, and the buddy cop plot is overwhelmingly impossible to follow.

Lionsgate hopes to continue the cult with the mandatory sequel High Voltage -- and you know what, it's a terrific sleazoid treat.

When last we saw Chev Chelios (Statham), the unstoppable hitman had seemingly survived a freefall from an airborne helicopter.

Now, he's been kidnapped by Asian mobsters who want to harvest his vital organs.

Chelios escapes, soon learning that he must keep the batteries managing his artificial heart charged while Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam) tries to figure out a way to put the real one back in.