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It’s not likely to happen like that at this age, and on the rare occasions when it does, the relationship is usually based on nothing more than lust. A mature woman who values herself doesn’t want to date a man who’s a victim or stuck in the past.

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Framework analyses of 70 transcripts showed that trajectories to a termination of an unwanted pregnancy can be complex and iterative.Individuals may navigate private and public formal healthcare systems and consult unqualified providers, often trying multiple strategies.But now the believe girls should only receive the sex initiation when they are older and ready to be married.The key, they say, is to keep the tradition intact – while keeping young girls safe.“When they’re through with the initiation, they’re given a man to test whether they can handle him,” says Anna.“They choose a man from within the community, who tests to find out whether the girl has been properly trained. I met a tester last week who confessed that he has tested 12 girls and out of the 12, he sent one back to the initiators because she knew nothing.” One in seven people in Zambia is HIV positive (UN, 2010) and life expectancy has fallen to just 49 years because of the disease. Plan is working with the Alangizi and community chiefs and elders to phase out this practice completely.Unsafe abortion is a significant but preventable cause of global maternal mortality and morbidity.Zambia has among the most liberal abortion laws in sub-Saharan Africa, however this alone does not guarantee access to safe abortion, and 30% of maternal mortality is attributable to unsafe procedures.

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The contributing factor is the initiation ceremony because not many girls reach secondary level.

As girls, Rebecca says her and her peers sensed that they were being taught things that they were too young to know – but were helpless in the face of tradition.

Rebecca says: “Before Plan came in, we used to teach girls between 12 and 15 everything to do with sex; how to handle a man in the bedroom, how to shave him, clean him after sex, dancing to please a man during sex and how to serve a man. “I’m spreading the message on how good it is to send girls to school.

We found four major influences on which trajectory a woman followed, as well as the complexity and timing of her trajectory: i) the advice of trusted others ii) perceptions of risk iii) delays in care-seeking and receipt of services and iv) economic cost.

Even though abortion is legal in Zambia, girls and women still take significant risks to terminate unwanted pregnancies.