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Entering one of those rooms is as simple as selecting it from the home screen.
Afterwards, he hugged me for several minutes and then made me apologize for embarrassing everyone at the party.

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Therefore, there’s an unspoken division between the 2 unofficial camps as far as which style of Game/Seduction they adhere to…or use most frequently. Now the fundamental difference between the 2 styles of pickup/game is this: Direct Game entails being direct from the get-go with women whom you approach.

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That is basically the slim-down version of what those 2 styles consist.

I am not for approaching random girls and striking up a conversation with “I thought you were beautiful”, as my ice-breaker [that would be a DIRECT opener by the way].

It isn’t in my current reality nor in the way in which I view women today, to approach them by making them feel high and mighty as they already are feeling.

Not that it always sends this terrible message, but I would say 8 in 10 times, it does (when complimenting girls and expressing your fondness). By using Direct Game with a woman you’d approached, you now have to prove to the girl that you’re not some cheesy-stalkerish lunatic guy who’s never laid eyes on a woman before.

Now, to give a little slack to the Direct guys; their method does work, and we’ve all seen it in action via Youtube videos. That is the risk you will run as a practitioner of Direct Game.