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PII, as used in US privacy law and information security, is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.

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These were Galileans who had gone to the FEAST Anyone should recognize that this refers to the first Passover mentioned by John which happened about six or seven weeks before.

If this is not the case, then the words of Johns Gospel are incomprehensible.

What one must do is to use all avenues of investigation that contain chronological evidences (or even hints) that can reasonably establish a proper chronological background to that historical event.

The prime evidence comes from those individuals who were eyewitnesses (or record information from eyewitnesses).

It is first essential to understand the historical environment in which this new chronological evidence occurs. At the end of the third chapter of Johns Gospel we are told that Jesus left Jerusalem after the first Passover mentioned by John and He started on His journey toward Galilee (John 4:3). Upon His arrival at Jacobs well, being weary from his journey, Jesus talked to a Samaritan woman while His disciples went into the village to fetch food.

Once this is understood, the year in which Jesus began His ministry can be determined, which in turn will also reveal the exact year in which Jesus was born according to New Testament historical indications. No other people were around when the discussion mentioned by John took place (John 6).

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If this is the case, scholars have surmised, it would mean that Jesus gave this illustration to the disciples some 8 or 9 months after Johns first Passover, and about 4 months before the beginning of the regular grain harvest which started about late March.

The idea of pulling further apart when a relationship is already on the rocks may seem illogical, but increasing number of couples are embracing the idea of taking a ‘sabbatical’ from their marriage in order to save it.

Flic Everett, who claims a sabbatical saved her marriage, is one such woman, but psychologist Jo Hemmings claims they can cover up underlying problems that would never get addressed if couples run away from them.

Jesus said that His disciples would reckon four more months to the harvest, yet His statement was proclaimed in late May or early June, right in the midst of the wheat harvest. Origen who lived in Palestine in the 3 This reference by Jesus shows that the grain was already available for harvest (after all, it was late May or early June), but for some reason He put it in the mouths of the disciples that they would not expect anyone to harvest the grain for another four months.

Why on earth did Jesus say there were yet four more months before harvest, when the harvest season was at its height?