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Skinner thus casts doubt on the continuing validity of the oft-quoted dictum of Justice Holmes in a 1927 case (Buck v Bell) considering the forced sterilization of certain mental incompetents: "Three generations of imbeciles is enough."The Court applies a middle-tier scrutiny (a standard that tends to produce less predictable results than strict scrutiny or rational basis scrutiny) to gender and illegitimacy classifications.
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Single mother dating poetry

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This poem is dedicated to all the women painting a new picture of single motherhood.

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When the moon shines bright inside her lair, Another day complete, She holds her children close with care. Her heart aches with love and joy, As she begins to pray.She spreads her wings to fly, Peace of mind is her goal.Another day of victories, One foot in front of the other.But more than anything, I think perhaps The thing that they need most Is someone who can see beyond The toughness they must show.Yes single parents don’t have the chance To show when they are weak Or sick, or hurt, or off alone Crying themselves to sleep.Never noticed me Under her pink dye And thick thighs. Suddenly,buttoning their jackets and making suretheir sleeves were straight and perfectas the train quickly approached her stopbecame more important thananything she'd done. He was not one of wealth and fame And no one even knew his name.