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Benefits of consolidating vendors

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You’ll have a better definition of pricing, freight, service, and quality.Finally, you will be able to clearly define the types of agreements that work best for your supply chain.Instead of spreading out your purchases amongst multiple vendors, you’ll award higher volumes to a select few suppliers – ones you know provide excellent quality service.Lower freight Freight on incoming parts is a huge cost of inventory.Over the course of a fiscal year, the seemingly minute amounts of time spent juggling multiple contact numbers, emails, personalities, corporate policies, invoices, etc.

”The main reason for consolidating your supply base should be operational efficiency: lower costs in relationship management, lower administration costs, less risk to the business and increased quality and speed in delivery.” — “Consolidating Vendors Brings Operational Benefits As Well As Dollar Savings”, Forrester Research, Inc., June 2008 In response to this need, Total Corporate Solutions has pulled together several strategic business units under one roof to offer clients a catalog of solutions and services essential to their business.Relying on vendors is not without risks – the one thing you can’t outsource is risk.Ultimately, you will be held responsible for anything done by a third-party on your behalf.With so much on the line, having a narrow list of vendors can make a significant difference in your business.Consolidating works because it reduces your supply chain management costs.Choose BLM Technologies as your consolidation partner BLM can help streamline your operation through the extensive hardware and repair services we provide.